New kinetic sculptures move for over 3 minutes with a simple gentle push!

Human powered - this is a Battery Free Zone!

Balancing Act – Praise!

Go here for a video

More designs in the works – Sunflower, Rose with watering can, Gregory, Rocket Ship

Show Schedule for 2009

Sadly, The Toycrafter is out of business, and a tradition of 30 years of toymaking is over. Don and Cheryl are now applying that whimsey and design to kinetic sculptures for tall people to play with!

To learn more, please feel free to contact us by phone – 1-585-734-0876, or by e-mail –, or through our other web site .....

We can e-mail you a PDF catalog of our Louise's Daughter items

Uncle Don's Mechanicals

Don and Cheryl have started a new venture - Uncle Don's Mechanicals - wooden kinetic sculptures for taller kids. The first designs off the table and onto the wall can be found here!  The first designs are wall mounted automata, mechanical wonders activated by the viewer.  Future designs may include jack in the boxes, automata, mechanical banks, etc.  This is a battery free zone.  You will have to pull, push, crank, wind-up, or otherwise interact with these toys.  You can link to a picture of the original prototype here. While Louise's Daughter products start life in Cheryl's head and are collaboratively turned real by Cheryl and Don, Uncle Don's Mechanicals start life in Don's head, and are then turned into real things by that same collaborative effort. Don engineers and Cheryl adds her special touch.  Family is important to us, and family relationships have worked their way into the names of both of our business ventures ----- Cheryl is a daughter and Don is an uncle....... and we are grandparents now!

Click here to see Uncle Don's Mechanicals!

Spinning Top Show

Don is available to demonstrate tops from his collection for groups of all sizes and all ages.  Don has delighted children of all ages, from pre-schools to nursing homes, with many of his favorite tops chosen from one of the largest spinning top collections in the world!  

Click on the red top above to learn more about how Don can share his tops with your group!

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1-585-224-9959 - fax

e-mail Don here

Louise's Daughter or Uncle Don's Mechanicals, 1237 E. Main St., Rochester, NY 14609

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